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What People are saying about our speakers...

  • DV62si- top rated for accuracy over nearly 20 brands selling for up to $700pr.
  • Leading Consumer Testing Magazine "Best Buy" Ratings 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996 1992 (DV52si), Top Rated 1999 & 2000 (DV62si)
  • Home Theater Magazine - DV62CLR center - "The V62CLR is Hands-down the Best Sounding Center Speaker I've Ever Heard."
  • New York Times - "Another winning combination of tonal merit & dollar value is to be found in BIC Venturi ....Its model V62 (bookshelf) is certainly one of the best speakers to be had for under $100."
  • Home Theater Magazine - BIC America "Small in stature but large in performance... (Adatto A-1) produces amazing bass response for its size."
  • Rolling Stone - "The BIC America Venturi V62 (Bookshelf) not only look handsome but have a specially shaped bass port to give their sound a surprisingly hefty bottom. The rest of the spectrum is just right too...smooth, sweet and accurate."
  • The New York Times - "The sonic mark of all BIC speakers is a certain warmth & suppleness that conveys a sense of orchestral blend and cohesion without sacrificing sonic detail"
  • Stereophile - "...I was Amazed."
  • Audio - "....Perfect."
  • Sound & Image - "...A Monster Performer."
  • Stereo Review - "..spacious sound quality.. as well as clean deep bass" -Video "....spectacularly good at this price point"
  • Audio Video Interiors - "Their response to high-impact movie tracks was nothing short of supercharged."
  • Stereo Review - "Few speakers would be likely to equal it much less surpass it."
  • Popular Electronics - "(Venturi V630) are quite good looking, and it is surprising that such skinny boxes can produce so much sound...What they do is impart a definite authority to the music they reproduce."
  • Chicago Sun Times - "Unlike other in wall speakers, Muro speakers are easy to install and affordable. After testing... I was greatly impressed by their sound quality-- especially for the price."


I wanted to take a minute and write to thank you for your outstanding line of speakers.

I have been purchasing BIC America DV62si bookshelf speakers for our faculty studios at Temple University's Boyer College of Music and Dance for several years now, but this past summer I asked for and received funding to replace 13 of the audio systems in the Boyer College classrooms. This entailed audio systems with amp, cd, dvd, cassette, turntable, tv, and vhs and wall mounted speakers. The systems had to sound great for classes in classical and jazz music, all manner of vocal music from choirs to opera, plus a wide variety of instrumental and pop styles for the dance classes. Basically, everything.

Having heard the DV84 speakers, and knowing the quality of the DV62si speakers I've been buying for years, I purchased 38 DV84 speakers for these installations (many of our rooms are large and received 4 speakers each). Even at our school, where the students and faculty take for granted and are used to hearing sound from high quality speakers, I have been receiving numerous compliments on the quality of the sound in the classrooms. Part of this is, of course, the quality of the audio components, but it is in large measure to the superb sound of the DV84 speakers which have a full, rich, very warm sound, and are able to faithfully reproduce every sound from the highest piccolo note to the lowest organ pedal.

In every room, the sound envelops the students without ever being shrill or harsh, and the upper limits of the speakers have not yet been reached, as they take every watt of power from the amplifiers, and still seem like they are not even trying hard. Every chance I get, I go into a classroom and listen to the professor playing Strauss, or Modem Jazz Quartet, or see a dance class rehearsing to hip hop, or African drumming. And in every room, the sound is superb.

Thank you very much for your outstanding speakers. I look forward to many more years of purchases of BIC America products.


David P. Brown Signature

David P. Brown
Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs
Boyer College of Music and Dance
Temple University