Acoustech Speakers

High Efficiency Horn Speakers

In 2003, our BIC America engineering team had a goal of surpassing other manufacturers in horn speaker systems for the home. As a result, our high efficiency Acoustech Cinema horn speaker line was introduced.

This line offers beautiful cosmetics (with hand-rubbed black lacquer), carefully engineered horn drivers that can play up to levels of 116db, BIC's expertise in perfecting tight, accurate bass, and is sold for a fraction of the cost of other horn speaker models.

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BIC Speakers
BIC America
“Certified Best Value Performance” since 1973

Since 1973, BIC America (known to many for patenting our famous "Venturi Port") has offered a wide range of high quality components and speaker systems for the consumer electronics industry. Over the years, our audio components have consistently earned rave reviews from trusted publications and numerous “Best Buy” ratings from the leading consumer testing magazine.

Our BIC product line offers models ranging from in-wall speakers to tower speakers. These products have become recognized in the audio industry for offering high performance speakers at unprecedented low prices! With our long history of rave reviews and extremely affordable pricing, you can be confident you will receive "Certified Best Value Performance" when you purchase BIC models!

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RtR Speakers


High Output for a


For those who are on a tight budget, we take pleasure in offering our RtR speaker line. Our highly respected BIC engineering team applied their expertise and state-of-the-art technology in developing the RtR speaker line. RtR speakers offer consumers an opportunity to purchase high performance speakers (ranging from in/outdoor speakers to 3-way-15" towers) at extremely affordable prices! RtR speakers are designed for both music and home theater surround sound, and can be used with all 8 ohm receivers and popular electronics. If you are looking for speakers that offer high output for a low price, the RtR speaker line is for you!

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